About Coxswain Press

Run and operated by Taylor Cox, Coxswain Press is a small letterpress printing and book arts studio located in the Pacific Northwest. With a focus on limited edition art prints, greeting cards, and artist books, each item is thoughtfully crafted by hand. Taylor’s collection of limited edition block prints are inspired by the lush botanical world of the NW.
As an undergraduate student studying Graphic Design, I fell in love with the world of letterpress printing and block carving. I quickly shifted her degree away from the computer and towards the handwork and craft of letterpress printing and block carving, spending most of my time in the print shop working with my hands and the creative constraints of the non-digital.
Since then I have created artist books focusing on handwork and women's rights, limited edition prints, and custom letterpress printed work. I continue to be fascinated by the tactile nature of handmade items and the transformation that occurs in the making; the messy, oily and chaotic transformed into its opposite, the clean and the new.

Why "Coxswain Press"

cox·swain – /ˈkäks(ə)n/
In crew the coxswain is responsible for steering the boat and coordinating the power and rhythm of the rowers. They are typically small of stature, loud, and ready to take the lead. All of these attributes fit me pretty well. Plus, never let a good pun go unused.

"Gertrude" the Golding Platen Press

Built in 1901, the Golding No. 8 printing press was created as a workhorse for production. Acquired in Spring of 2019 I have slowly been refurbishing and cleaning the press to get it back in to production. It currently lives in the studio of my friend and collaborator Gabby Cooksey.