How much is shipping and how fast will it ship?

Items typically ship within 1-3 days of an order being place. I ship via USPS First Class or USPS Priority Mail (this excludes order for just stickers*). Once your items have shipped you will receive tracking information for your order. 

Standard shipping costs are calculated by the weight of your items. Please view check out for exact shipping costs. 

*Orders containing solely stickers will be shipped via first class USPS mail with a stamp. These orders will not include tracking information unless specifically requested. 


What is Letterpress Printing?

 It is a relief printing process using a printing press where a raised surface is inked and then imprinted onto paper using pressure. Most of my work uses hand carved linoleum and wood/metal type to print my images.

What does limited edition mean?

Limited edition refers to the limited run of prints created. With limited edition prints only a small number of prints are created and once they’re gone they won’t be reprinted. For example this number can be found on the bottom of the print detonated as 1/30, 2/30, etc. meaning print 1 of an edition of 30, print 2 of an edition of 30, etc.  

Can I get a print in a different size?

Unfortunately no. Each print is hand carved out of linoleum blocks and printed by hand on vintage printing presses. This means that the size that it is originally created in is the only size available. 

Can I get a custom print created?

Yes! I am happy to work with you to create a custom piece that fits your needs. Whether that’s a hand carved portrait or invitations for your wedding. Please email me at coxswainpress@gmail.com to get the ball rolling.